October 25, 2017

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Is it safe to engage ?

Out-call escort service is the safest as well as most discreet way to entertain yourself, your clients and your friends in Kuala Lumpur. This is because you choose your own venue (place where you want us to deliver the escorts) hence it is absolutely safe. Privacy is assured as all hotels in Kuala Lumpur allow escorts to their rooms.

What is our operation hour?

Our operation hours are from 1 pm – 6 am daily. Advance reservation is not required as we deliver immediately when you call.

How to order an escort?

Give us a call during our operation hours and tell us what you want and where to deliver. Kindly refer to how to arrange for further details.

How to choose escort?

The practice in Kuala Lumpur is that we send the escorts to your hotel / residence for you to choose. We do not provide photos of our escorts for several reasons.It is impossible to keep updated photos of all escorts girls as they leave after one month.Our  policy is that we protect the identity of the girl similar to how we do not reveal client’s details.Photos can sometimes be deceiving unlike seeing the real person.

How many times can I have sex?

The number of times one can have sex depends on how many hours you order the escort. 1 hr is 1 time, if 2-3 hrs is 2 time. If overnight 3 times,

What should I do if there is a problem?

In the event of a problem contact us immediately. We assure you we will attend to all issues without favoring escorts or clients. Matters will be sorted out based on industry guidelines in order to be fair to all parties concerned.